We are proud to have hosted the following fishing guests and wish to share their comments with you about their Canadian fly fishing trip to Nunavik.

“Great fishing. No, unbelievable fishing, to the point where the char literally wore out our arms. A visit to the Payne River Fishing Camp is much more than just a great fishing trip. It is a total experience, an opportunity to spend time in the land beyond the tree line where the summer days are long and the nights are short. Sharing this experience with a friend was rewarding and whenever we fish, wherever we fish we will remember fly fishing for Arctic char on the Payne Fjord and River.”
Greg Sessleman – President, Scent-Lok


“The Payne Bay camps were every bit as comfortable as I have come to expect from Arctic Adventures. First class all the way! Carol and Calvin do a great job of managing the camp: everything runs smoothly, and Carol’s cooking is wonderful! But what really impressed me is the fishing. As you know I’ve fished a lot of different places, including many in Canada, and this was simply the best fishing trip I have ever been on. The char are big, incredibly tough fighters and are more than willing to take a fly. They are also the best eating fish in the world, and abundant enough that you don’t feel guilty about taking a few.”
Tim Jones – Outdoor Writer


“The icy rivers along the arctic coast of Quebec host what may be the best char fishing in the world. For numbers of char, it is hard to beat the Payne River Fishing Camp located on saltwater about 25 miles up a long fjord from the Inuit village of Kangirsuk. During the summer months, huge schools of char gather close to the camp to feed upon an abundance of forage species. The fish are generally in a feeding frenzy and both flies and spinning lures take lots of them.”
Jerome Robinson – Outdoor writer


“Wild, Arctic Char remain the fish of a lifetime for any serious angler.”
Italo Labignan – Outdoor writer


“Arctic Char ! High-octane silver rockets. For my money, the best fighting fish you can catch in numbers… Where to catch’em? The Payne River. The best Arctic Char river in the world!”
Dick Scorzafava – Outdoor writer


“In other words, the Arctic Char may be the last best kept secret among fishermen. A schooling fish, the Arctic Char will readily take a well-presented fly. Once you’ve found fish, there are always more. And, once hooked up, well, hang on! Pound for pound, the Arctic Char takes a back seat to no other fish.”
Walt Larsen – President, Scales Outdoor Group


“There aren’t many guarantees in the world of fishing but Arctic Adventures comes as close as you can get. Their camps are open only during the peak seasons, and their two camps are strategically located on prime fishing areas. They can’t make the fish bite and they can’t control the weather, but they can – and do – control everything else really well, and that’s the sign of a great outfitter. When we travel with Arctic Adventures we don’t worry about anything, we know the entire staff have us covered with our best interests and safety in mind. Add in the incredible fishing, wildlife and scenery that we’ve experienced while guests of Arctic Adventures and you have all the reasons we keep coming back! ”
Steve MacInnis – Producer/ Host of Adventures North TV Series